Hair cuts and sneakers for sports haters

IMG 2018

Yesterday I went to the hairdresser. Rapture. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a haircut so entirely.

I know it doesn't sound like much, but visits to the hairdresser are one of those things I took for granted, never considering what a logistical nightmare they would be with a baby. I put it off for so long it's been at least six months since my hair has had any love but a bit of mousse scrunched through the ends and some nail scissors on the bangs.

IMG 2024

I've named my new 'do the mop-head, now with extra, super crazy curls. I'd forgotten how wonderful a brilliant haircut can make you feel. I've become considerably blah about my appearance lately and now everything seems fresh and interesting again.

The motherhood lesson I learnt today? Small, previously throw away acts of vanity can generate extraordinary bliss when you spend all day wiping food off things.

IMG 2003

The Olympics start next week. Here is Baby in training for the 'reaching for things' event. I think he has enormous potential.

I have zero interest in sport, but I'm quite frond of the Olympics as a thing. In honour of the occasion I might see if Baby has grown enough to fit into his basketball shoes.

IMG 5278

Here is in them at Christmas. He's grown like a bean since then.

As for me, I've been saying no to the high heel sneaker trend that has sprouted up everywhere since Isabel Marant starting putting wedges in high tops.

Image php

Although I love these on Miranda, luxe-sport is not a look I can pull off. So I clicked away. Until I was looking for some ankle boots recently and found these DKNY contraptions on sale at Asos.


I have to tell you, I'm 100% converted.

IMG 2027

Maybe it's their all black stealth profile, but they don't feel sporty at all. More like a chic moon boot in a Michael Jackson film clip.

Also, they are extraordinarily comfortable. For a such a high wedge it's amazing really. I have a feeling I will be wearing the soles off these things before this trend dies… which it will.

So, my advice is do not delay. If you want to rock some everyday, super comfortable heels and pretend you are a MJ back up dancer, but are worried you will look like Michael Jordan. Don't be. Just. Do. It.

IMG 2028

Indian Shepherd's Pie

IMG 1912

I made this Indian inspired Shepherd's Pie recently from a recipe torn from a magazine (Delicious, I think). I didn't have all the ingredients to hand so I did a bastardised version and it turned out to be the Best. Thing. Ever.

I think I'm going to make it again this week. It's like an Indian takeaway, but not. So good for this weather.

Indian Shepherd's Pie


Olive oil
650g lamb mince
1 onion, chopped
2cm ginger, grated
2tbs korma curry paste
400g tin chopped tomatoes
1/4 cup chutney (Mine was called 'bush' chutney and was quite sweet. I'd say, use whatever's open in your fridge)
1 cup frozen peas
1kg mixed potatoes and sweet potatoes
2 tsp tumeric
1 lemon
30g butter

1. Preheat oven to 200c.

2. Heat oil and cook lamb mince until brown. Remove mince from the pan and set aside.

3. Cook onion until soft, then add garlic, ginger and curry paste and cook, stirring until fragrant.

4. Return mince to the pan with tinned tomatoes and chutney. Bring to a simmer and cook on a low heat for 15 minutes.

5. Stir in frozen peas and transfer mixture to baking dish.

6. Meanwhile, boil peeled, chopped sweet potatoes and potatoes until soft and mash. Add turmeric, lemon juice and butter to mash and beat with a spoon until smooth.

7. Spread mash over mince mixture and bake in over for 25 minutes.

household miscellany

IMG 1941

Mr. Bunny relaxing after one of his frequent spa treatments (in my washing machine). He is loved that bunny. LOVED.

IMG 1832

Do you need someone to reorganise your office supplies? He works for post-its.

IMG 1933

Bircher breakfast in the making.

IMG 1940

Brownies in a lazy tray. I'm sure these disposable foil trays are not very eco but I love them. I got the idea from Nigella.

IMG 1927

Neon orange scarf. Very necessary on these grey days.

IMG 1939

Power balls. I hate this name but i haven't thought of a better one yet. Really they are date and seed and nut balls that you freeze. They are delicious and full of virtue. Baby adores them.

IMG 1991

This is what they look like finished. Recipe is here.

IMG 1943

Whoops! and also Yay!

IMG 1980

Omo rice with excessive pickled ginger and mayo. I have Japan on the brain since we booked flights to Osaka later in the year. So excited to get my fix. Baby's passport is ordered and I've fired up my Pimsleur tapes in the car. Can. Not. Wait.

IMG 1948

Finally, is this is weed, or a bean? We can't decide.

White screen zen

Screen Shot

Things have been manic lately, but last night I achieved that pinnacle of organisational zen, an empty inbox. Behold.

I know people who like to leave email in their inbox forever, like a huge river of consciousness. I simply cannot live that way. I feel itchy just thinking about it. The very second something has been dealt with I have to delete or file it.

IMG 1922

All that white space = everything has been dealt with = bliss.

I celebrated with steak. J has ben reading articles by steak enthusiasts this week and had theories to try. It's all terribly scientific.

He salted his steak in the fridge overnight and then cooked in in a pan (from cold), turning frequently, resting soundly. It was good, but not great. I suspect steak is something too personal for science. It's between a man (or woman) and his kitchen.

IMG 1986

My contribution to the meal was a tray of potatoes and garlic cloves. We go mad for some roast garlic in this house.

IMG 1859

Baby and I went to Ikea. We didn't need anything, but the cafe is very baby friendly and I wanted to see the Indian/Moroccan inspired Simply Blue collection.

IMG 1864

It was quite good. Nice cushions. I thought the big round floor ones were especially good.

IMG 1863

Also these lanterns. If you're after a lantern.

IMG 1989

In the end, I bought this gold, Moroccan-y tray table for $40. Baby adores it. Turns out it is the perfect height for him to push around the house like a walker. He does have a garish plastic toy walker to do this with already but I think I could dispense with that now and just let him rearrange my furniture.

He is trying it by the back door today but yesterday we had it in the hallway. I'm starting to wonder if he's inherited my passion for furniture rearrangement.

Dayboro Show n' things

IMG 1879

Soaked up the action at the Dayboro Show on the weekend. As you can see, it was all happening.

IMG 1898

It's like a teeny tiny Ekka. Which is perfect to my mind.

IMG 1895

People enter things from their gardens. Look at all that gorgeous wattle.

IMG 1896

We're determined that next year we'll be more organised and enter something. I'm going to start collecting display beer bottles.

IMG 1878 4

The show is also good if you like hot chips.

IMG 1880


IMG 1886 2

Baby petted some animals. Most of them were as big or larger than he, but he was very chilled. I was the only one of us worried about being nipped by geese and nibbled by kids (baby goats, not children).

IMG 1905

After the show, J and I went to Flight of the Conchords at the Boondall Entertainment Centre. God, I hate that venue. The parking and pedestrian access are diabolical.

I've had a warm place in my heart for Flight of the Conchords ever since I saw them at the Edinburgh Festival in 2003. I played the album from that tour all over Britain that year and it makes me feel terribly nostalgic now.

IMG 1904

I was interested to see how different this show would be now they are playing giant stadiums instead of dinky theatres. Turns out, not very different at all. Just more lighting effects. Awesome.

IMG 1850

Here's an outfit.

IMG 1849

This fluffy teddy bear coat is from Temt. It's not very flattering and it sheds, but it is so tactile. It's all I can do to stop hugging myself when I wear it.