I am Newing - (Osaka part 3)

IMG 3338

Yes you are, surprised and/or shouting lady.

IMG 3345

We came across her on the way to the Osaka Zoo in Tennoji Park.

IMG 3336

I wore my Gorman leopard print coat and was unintentionally zoo-themed.

IMG 3342

It was cold out so when J bought this can of hot chocolate from a vending machine the Baby nicked it to have as a hand warmer.

The zoo itself made me sad as some of the animals were in too small enclosures.

What didn't make me sad was watching tiny school children marching all over the place in the cutest uniforms on the planet. I didn't take any photos because I didn't want to be the weird tourist lady taking snaps of kiddies. Let's just say none of the uniform designers were afraid of a tassel or a bow tie, or even a pom pom.

IMG 3364

But the best fun? Letting Baby loose in the deserted and dilapidated games pavilion.

IMG 3353

In the head of Ampanman.

IMG 3354

He may have actually peed his pants laughing when we played whack-a-mole.

IMG 3374

This is on the Dotonbori bridge later that evening. I love that flapper, manga girl.

IMG 3372

I popped into the Sanrio store to find a birthday present for our niece and found this terrifying Hello Kitty zombie lady. I was backing away slowly as I took this.

IMG 3391

This is the first time we've visited Japan pre-christmas and I'm loving all the festive notes (NB- slutty santa girl outfits are very popular).

I think this Christmas Tree plunged into a tank of tropical fish is my favourite recognition of the season so far though. That baby mohawk is pretty tops too.

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