Textiles and Roadworks (Osaka part 2)

IMG 3478

Here's our Japanese postcard view. Layers upon vertical layers woven together like knotted extension cords. Lights, pachinko and bike racks.

The Baby likes to sit on the window sill and rest his forehead on the glass. He looks down and points at things.

IMG 3308

Today's outfit. The Bassike relaxed cotton pants and I are such BFFs. With long boots, they work a treat in cooler temperatures. I can hardly bear to wash them.

IMG 3449

Speaking of which, here's the gorgeous, space odyssey washer/dryer in our room. It's superior to our old LG clunker at home in every way. I'm not looking forward to trading back.

IMG 3318

We went to the monthly flea market at Shitennoji Temple today. Sneakily, I always try to schedule our visits here around the 21st of the month so I can come.

Japanese textiles are my obsession and these piles of second hand kimonos are everywhere. They are so little valued here. Most are around AU $10 and many cheaper than that.

IMG 3322

I love them so much. Some of them must only have been worn once and are as pristine as new paper. I think I love the stained ones and rumpled ones even more though.

IMG 3321

I take them home and hoard them. They make very elegant dressing gowns.

IMG 3325

I bought this giddy geisha for a $1 too. She's rumpled herself. I love her.

IMG 3302

If the Baby were a little older I would have bought him this sushi-train set from Toys R Us.

IMG 3328

This children's program is good. It stars a cactus and a chair.

IMG 3332

Here's the view from the window again. It's 6am and a team of construction workers are just finishing resurfacing the road between McDonalds and the pachinko parlour. During the night I heard what I thought was the sound of garbage trucks, but it turns out was it was these guys working away. By 6.30 they had repainted the pedestrian crossing, cleaned up all their mess and were gone like thieves in the night.

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