Brisbane's best ramen (really)

IMG 2137

Baby and I met J in town for lunch. Taros is the only place in the Brisbane CBD I ever want to eat when I'm asked. It's on Adelaide St, across the intersection from the Christie Centre.

IMG 2136

The tonkotsu makes me weep with pleasure.

IMG 2130

I'm trying to turn and get a back shot of this 80s shirt here. I failed, but the back is complicated and interesting. I dug it out of storage in the shed while we were preparing for our garage sale. It was purloined from my mother's wardrobe many years ago.

IMG 2132

The DKNY kicks are still first in my affections.


In other news, I've reorganised my iPhone with a view towards minimalism. I do so much on my phone and always have multiple of pages of apps to scroll through. Clearing the screen and forcing everything under a few umbrella categories feels fresh and so super organised.


The charming iPhone wallpapers are a free download from Eat Drink Chic.

IMG 2106

Cat or cushion? It's so hard to tell sometimes.

Op shop finds

IMG 2114

Giddy up.

IMG 2118

I've never seen one of these cane rocking horses before, but I found a few of them trawling Google so they must have been fairly common once. I want to give her a bit of a makeover but I'm not sure exactly what do yet. She's the perfect size for Baby right now.

IMG 2122

I already have a little yellow vintage picnic set, but all the plates are saucer sized and incompatible with hearty picnic lunches. These dinner sized plates fit in nicely. They are made from 'melmac', which Wikipedia informs me is a melamine resin popular from the 40s to the 60s and also the planet ALF came from. Nice.

IMG 2121

One of my inexplicable op-shopping weaknesses are oversized 90s chiffon shirts with inbuilt shoulder pads and obnoxious prints. This one spoke to me with its leopard print and cherry combination. For desirable slouch you need to focus on the plus size racks, this one is a size 22. IMG 2124

I have too many of these Ranleigh trays already, but I do not have a round one. They are so useful all over the house for arranging disparate objects like I mean it.

IMG 2223

IMG 2224

Of garage sales and skeggings

IMG 2180

It's so good to have a clear out isn't it?

IMG 2177

We have such a massive shed here but somehow we managed to fill it to the brim with… stuff. It was time for action.

IMG 2176

This is how early we got up to set things up, but apparently people in the country don't turn up hours early to garage sales like they do in the city and we didn't have our first browser until a very civilised 7am.

IMG 2188

Baby in cage. Not for sale.

IMG 2092

In other news, these are my new 'skeggings'. I love a good portmanteau, don't you?. There was a documentary on the tele recently about the 'globesity' epidemic and I try and work that word into sentences whenever I can now. Such a time saver.

Anyway, in case you were wondering, these are leggings, with an attached skirt, hence skeggings. It's an awful word, isn't it?

I came across these at Target and found I could not leave without them. They remind me of a period in the late 90s when there was a trend to wear mini skirts over jeans. Eventually, in it's death throes, the trend morphed into pants with attached skirts in the same fabric. I have a distinct memory of browsing racks of these in Miss Shop circa 1999. They were fairly dire.

The skeggings are similar, but interesting in that I think they come from a different place. Rather than referencing a trend of layering skirts over pants, I think these are to help women who like to wear leggings as pants. By adding an extra, bum covering skirt layer to the leggings a baggy top that is not quite a dress suddenly seems more achievable.

As leggings are pretty much the ultimate 'stay at home mum' staple of my wardrobe right now I won't deny I sometimes face this battle, so I thought I'd give the skeggings a whirl. I've yet to wear them out of the house at this stage but I'll keep you posted.

Invitations to my arm party

IMG 0918

Now that Baby is a little older and can support his own head I feel I'm able to send the Swatch to the bench for a while, break out the gold sports watch and invite some more serious hardware to my arm party.

I'm thinking charm bracelets, (but real ones, no Pandora silliness) ID bracelets and big heavy chains. These are all on my Etsy shortlist.

Arm party

1. Gold bangle with coral beads
2. Betty ID bracelet. My middle name is Elizabeth so I thought maybe I could get away with this one.
3. FAB bracelet
4. Neon friendship bracelets
5. 80s Dior charm bracelet
6. 1938 graduation charm bracelet
7. 70s enamel bangle
8. Monogrammed silver cuff
9. Big chunky copper chain link bracelet
10. 50s charm bracelet
11. Heart neon friendship bracelet
12. Jimmie photo ID bracelet