More bed linen

After all that trendy nonsense in my last post here is the bed in the guest room. I like to stretch the limits of good taste in here by layering granny linens and patchwork until the bed can take no more pattern.

IMG 5859

Keeping it classy. Don't you want to come and stay here?

IMG 5862

Why yes, those are handmade chenille pillowcases.

IMG 5861

Everything is op-shopped here except the lamp, which is from Target and the quilt on the wall, which is vintage but was acquired from Ebay.

IMG 5863

Suzani bedspread

IMG 5855

I've had this gorgeous Meicaxan suzani from Table Tonic for months now. It's been lurking in the cupboard, collecting dust and calling to me to get around to sewing borders on it so it would be large enough to use as a bedspread on our king sized monster.

IMG 5846

IMG 5850

I do think it looks extra gorgeous on the bed. Look at those colours.

Inspiration for the custom bedspread came from the Table Tonic blog. One of my faves.

IMG 5851

IMG 5852

Friendship bracelet tutorials

Freindship bracelets 5 425

(Tutorial from the Purl bee - here)

Friendshipbraceletdiy (Tutorial from La Manufacture - here)

I'm old enough to remember the trend for friendship bracelets last time they were around but somehow making them was a skill that passed me by. Maybe that's why I've become fixated on the of making one now. Not for friendship though, just for my own greedy wrist.

A typist, a stenographer and a secretary...

21612RL1 1702Web Page 01

No, the title of this post isn't the start of a lame joke, it's this 1970s government recruitment brochure Husband sent me.

Don't you want to join them in 70s Canberra? Maybe just for an afternoon.

21612RL1 1702Web Page 02

21612RL1 1702Web Page 03

I'm sure I can type more than 50 words per minute, just not on a typewriter. Would I still get a bonus?

Don't you think Ian looks dreamy?

21612RL1 1702Web Page 04

Are they wearing matching nightgowns on this page? I hope so. 21612RL1 1702Web Page 05

If you weren't keen on Ian perhaps you prefer this unidentified man with truly excellent moustache and sidies?

In fact all the men in this brochure have amazing do's. Men's hair is so dull these days.

21612RL1 1702Web Page 06

Did she buy those shoes at the Canberra mall? I want some of those.

21612RL1 1702Web Page 07

21612RL1 1702Web Page 10

21612RL1 1702Web Page 11

Is that Ian again in the top left shot holding a beverage? It's hard to know, but if so then the drink seems to have made him a lot less shy.

Emergency chocolate pudding

IMG 0637

This pudding is one of the first things I ever learnt to cook and I never stopped.

It has everything a go-to chocolate recipe needs:

- Ingredients you generally have in the house
- Forgiving measurements
- It begs to be eaten cold the next day.

It's got me through some hard times. IMG 0630

Before I left home at 17 to start uni, I scoured my mother's recipes to fill a book with scrawled instructions to ward of starvation. In twenty-twelve fashion I'm now going to post the recipe here so it will be easier to find on my iPad when I want to cook it.

Plus, then you can cook it too. And you really should.

IMG 0639

Emergency chocolate pudding


1 cup plain flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 tablespoons cococa
3/4 white sugar
1/2 cup milk
2 tablespoons melted butter
1 cup brown sugar
4 tablespoons cocoa (additional)
2 1/2 cups boiling water

1. Preheat over to 180 degrees celsius

2. Mix flour, baking powder, cocoa (2 tbsp) and white sugar.

Learning to make this as a lazy, hungry uni student I developed bad baking habits. Namely, I mix the ingredients in the same dish I am going to bake the pudding in to minimise the washing up. I wouldn't think of doing this with any other recipe now but I still do it here.

IMG 0631

3. Add milk and melted butter to dry ingredients and mix to make a batter.

IMG 0632

4. Mix brown sugar and extra coccoa together in a separate bowl (sadly I never found a way to avoid dirtying another bowl for this step) and sprinkle over the batter.

IMG 0633

5. Use the back of a dessert spoon and pour boiling water (or just hot water from your tap if you are lazy) over the dish.

It will look like a dirty mud puddle. Do not be discouraged.

IMG 0635

6. Bake for 45 minutes or thereabouts.

IMG 0637

This is what you will get. An island of fluffy chocolate cake with a crispy top, floating on a bubbling lava bed of thick chocolate sauce. Don't worry about those blackened burnt looking bits on the top. They are extra crispy and delicious.

Eat it with cream, or ice cream. Or just a glass of milk.

IMG 0640

And I wasn't kidding about the cold the next day thing. Sometimes I make it with this in mind.

Pink kitchen chairs

IMG 5768

IMG 5770

Husband was not sold on these chairs when I bought them on Ebay.

IMG 5808

And not when I sweetly asked him to pick me up yet another can of pink spray paint while he was at Bunnings.

IMG 5480

Another can? Really?

What can I say? It was hard to get good coverage. Eventually he became resigned to the idea.

IMG 5760

I think they look super sweet. A cheery splash of colour in the kitchen.

IMG 5772

IMG 5771

Once painted I made new slip covers for the old cushions with this outdoor fabric from Fabric Traders.

IMG 5765

Dinah, my fat, white feline likes these chairs a lot. Can you spy her?

IMG 5774

The perfect boots

Ragbo4021512867 p2 1 0 254x500

Rag & Bone Moto boots. Yes, no, maybe? Every year I spend all winter looking for the perfect boots but never making a decision. I end up buying a pair from Target that I wear for six months and then get rid of because they are not wearing well and the sole is going funny.

I am determined not to do that this year.

The Rag & Bone boots are exy. I can't deny it. I could get a lot of Target footwear for that price. But they are gorgeous, aren't they?

They also come in a very dark brown which I think could be rather wonderful. Black is so safe. But then again, black is so safe.

Fryeb4004912867 p1 1 0 254x500

In a milder way, I'm also a fan of these.

Victo4007112867 p1 1 0 347x683

And these.

I find it very difficult to be definitive.

Minimalist children's stories


My maximalist heart delights in these posters. Aren't they fab?


Red Riding Hood textured1


A scarf rainbow, Oroton bags and a fig cake

IMG 0612

Yay, it's Autumn! My enthusiasm for the changing of the seasons is represented by this scarf rainbow I found in DJs. Wouldn't it be nice to have this in your wardrobe to select from every morning?

I went to Chermy (the mall) with my sister so she could kiss Baby and I could eat sushi train.

We both bought one of these silver chain harness arrangements in the Sportsgirl sale. They were $5 and neither of us could quite work out what to do with them in the store so we took them home for further research.

IMG 0616

Turns out it's kind of a belt and kind of a necklace. it's a beltlace. I quite like it. Under a blazer I think it could be totally wearable.

IMG 0618

IMG 0642

I also sorted out Baby's winter wardrobe.

Dressing up Baby is pretty much my favourite hobby. As he is the fruit of my womb however I'm certain he'll assert his own sartorial sense very early on. So I'm enjoying dressing up my little doll while it lasts.

IMG 0647

It's perishingly hot here today. This is my very on-trend sheer sleeveless blouse from Cotton On with a polka dot Gorman skirt. These blouses are in every single shop I've been in for the past few weeks. Trends like this make me hate them a little even as I partake.

IMG 0650

I also gave my new Oroton bag its first outing. Isn't it nice?

IMG 0651

Here is is again.

I had to exchange my other (previously new) Oroton bag when the handles started to split after only a month of duty. The staff at Oroton are lovely and so helpful with things like that and now I have a new tote that I think I like even more than the first one. IMG 5736

Here is the old bag. It was beautiful but I think the new one is more pleasingly slouchy.

IMG 0619

I made this delicious looking fig cake with hazelnuts and honey recently.

IMG 0621

Then I selflessly gave it away to warm the house of friends who had just moved and didn't get to taste a crumb. It's my mission to bake another one this weekend.