Potted colour

IMG 5226

So many pretties. Today I got my nails dirty and potted up a table full of colour for the back verandah and to dot around the house. I'm notoriously bad at keeping potted plants alive though and this is probably the highest number I have ever entrusted myself with at one time.

IMG 5227

I just love those tiny baby terracotta pots. Now that I've started I want to put everything in one.

Fading colours

IMG 5234

Adore, adore, love the fading pinks on the cover of Jan/Feb 2012 Vogue Living. And that painted brick wall, and that green… so perfect. I want everything in that room. Matching up paint swatches of colour is something I've been playing with around the house lately. IMG 5230

This is our bed at the moment with op-shopped pillow slips. IMG 4771

This is the change table in Baby's room. I took this photo just before he was born, when I had the nursery all set up but before it was actually being used for anything. Which is why it looks so neat.

IMG 4772

I did the paint swatch thing on the front of these ikea drawers using fabric, some thin quilt batting and my trusty staple gun.

Christmas Day

IMG 0303

The Christmas gift.
Teeny Air Jordan's from his auntie. So hot right now.

IMG 5255

The cocktail.
We christened this the Lava Lamp in honour of its bobbing berries. Take one bottle fizzy wine (we used rose) and mix with Golden Circle Sunshine Punch, ginger ale and lemon squash in whatever volumes you think sensible. Add a teaspoon of mixed berries to the bottom of a glass and pour drink over.

IMG 0301

The dress.
It's from Asos and has fab flouncy shoulder bows that come undone for easy breast feeding access. Festive and practical.

IMG 5268

The lunch table. IMG 5287

The salt crust snapper.
Insanely good.

IMG 0309

The first trip to the beach

IMG 0314

Boxing Day at the farm. Perfection.

Overblown roses

IMG 5207

I bought these roses at the market because they looked so overblown and lovely. I love fresh flowers in tiny jugs and vases scattered about. So much nicer than jamming the whole bunch into the one vase and you get so much more bang for your buck this way. The gold chocolate coins are a Christmas staple in our house. Like a cadbury creme egg at Easter, they are very necessary.

IMG 5204

Here are some more flowers beside the couch in a glass Tang bottle I op-shopped recently. I'm a little bit in love with it.

Society6 iPhone case

IMG 0292

New iPhone case from society6.com arrived in the mail yesterday. Loving it.

Sandwiches I made and liked - Soft felafel roll

IMG 5221

Outside: soft white supermarket roll
Inside: A few broken up, warm felafel's, hummus, thick slices of tomato, kewpie mayo
Drunk with: Ginger beer

We're fans of sandwiches around here. Always have been and especially now we have Baby. It turns out sandwiches constitute a perfect dinner for the parents of a wee one, being able to be eaten one handed over a sleeping head and also left on the plate for a while with no harm done when Baby needs to be rocked, changed or otherwise adored.

I'm good at making sandwiches too. It's one of my special skills, like Arthur Dent in the Hitchhiker's book where he gets stranded on the planet and no one knows about sandwiches. He becomes a sandwich artist.

I often think of this book when I make a good sandwich and think 'This is a good sandwich. I should right this sandwich down before it is lost to the ages.' So I thought I would. Starting with this one I ate last night.

Christmas 2011 - festive finery

IMG 5167
I know it's only a few days before Christmas and way late for inspiration posts but I wanted to show off my tree and festive do-dads anyway. I had some grand plans this year for our first Christmas in the house involving garlands made from vintage scarves and handmade decorations. This also being our first Christmas as parents however, most of these plans fell off the list fairly quickly. Some days it still feels like all I do is sit on the couch feeding Baby and not much else. So, we kept it simple. Husband kept things so simple this year that he bought a whole bunch of lights from Bunnings for the outside of the house and they're still in their boxes. We've never been outside of house decorators before and I'm still not sure if we're Christmas lights people. It's question for next year.
IMG 5170
I was fairly pleased with the way the tree came out. I retired a bunch of our old, $2 store decorations this year and simplified things with hearts and bits of ribbon tied here and there for colour. The white hearts are from Ikea and the clear plastic ones (and the star on top) are from Anna Spiro's Absolutely Beautiful things online store.
IMG 5165
Here are the presents. Brown paper and hand ripped pieces of calico from Spotlight with Officeworks shipping tag labels. IMG 5174
We don't usually do a wreath but I saw a photo of something similar to this online and it seemed summery and appropriate for our bright sunshiny Christmas season. This was a super easy project which only took a lazy late night hour in front of the telly and I do think it looks fab.
IMG 5172

IMG 5195
Christmas cookies. These are CWA ginger biscuit recipe that is one of my staples (must post one day). I weighed the virtues of a slew of Christmas cookie recipes before finally just making these in festive shapes and I'm not sorry at all. IMG 5198
Merry Christmas.