Letterbox 88 house tour (Hall)

IMG 1079

I have a bit of a reputation in my family for my love of rearranging the house. Let's call it a hobby. When people come to visit things rarely look the same and if I could manage all the heavy furniture shifting on my own I'd probably do it even more often. But J hates it when I come to him with 'scheme face' so I try to limit myself.

I've been meaning for ages to do some posts about rooms in the house, but have been waiting till I'm DONE and things are finished. When seriously, what was I thinking? Finished is a town I'm only ever going to drive through with the windows up, on my way to the next thing. So let's just forge ahead.

IMG 1088 crop

To offer some context, Letterbox 88 is a Queenslander from the early 1900s, She's not originally from here, having been uprooted and dragged about 250km on the back of a trailer in 2006.

Renovated Queenslanders sometimes have so many things done to them it's insane. Although they might look original from the outside the interiors can end up being so changed and modernised that once you walk through the door you could be anywhere. I think this is so sad because they are such lovely, creaky, breezy, spider cornered, character filled buildings.

I do realise not everyone wants creaks and breezes and spiders though.

Our old girl has had few changes over the years but she's still very creaky and pretty true to period (with lots of spiders). When I look at floor plans of houses in design magazines I know this house may not be the most practical for the way we live in 2012, but she is full of quirk and so charming I forgive her anything.

IMG 6113

Typical of many Queenslanders, the hall runs down the spine of the house with three rooms off each side and a kitchen out the back.

IMG 6110

Because the hall is gloriously wide it can accommodate quite a bit and I'm always plotting ways to make things more functional. I'm thinking of maybe swapping out the blanket box for a little couch. I'd also like to change the runner but I find rugs the hardest thing in the world to choose. Is that just me?

IMG 6107

Akubra hat, Drizabone coat, Oroton handbag. Could we be any more Aus? I think this says everything about J and I really. The hooks are from Anthropologie and the neglectfully full letter rack is op shop.

IMG 6111

The mirror cluster is a work in progress. It moves slowly these days because I imposed a price limit on what I would pay when I started collecting and they are becoming increasingly tricky to find for a bargain. Even op shops have started taking the piss.

IMG 6109

Hat corner. So handy for grabbing on the way out the door or lending to visitors.

IMG 6188

This writing desk belonged to my Grandma who was given it when she graduated high school. It's just about my favourite thing in the house.

IMG 6190

Dayboro Day 2012

IMG 1170

I love living in a town that has a 'day'. It's so festive. The main street goes from this.

270px Dayboro Main Street 002

To this.

IMG 1165

Sunday was Baby's first Dayboro Day. I remember last year, being pregnant and thinking 'When I come here next year I'll have a baby'. It seemed like such an abstract concept then, and now he's everywhere.

IMG 1159

Watching the parade.

IMG 1160

Watching an escaped balloon.

IMG 1162

Watching me.

IMG 1169

IMG 1164

IMG 1172

One of the local cafes was doing these pork rolls and I have to say it was an outstanding example of the genre. There was a generous serving of oniony stuffing under all that pork and apple sauce. Oh, so good.

IMG 1163

Poffertjes are a staple wherever market stalls congregate. All part of the festival carb fest.

IMG 1176

Baby has taken to pulling off his velcro fastening bibs so my Mum made him some of these apron arrangements with armholes that tie in the back. They are brilliant and such a stylish way to dine. I think I'd wear one myself.

Eurovision and more lemons

IMG 1147

I've cut and squeezed lemons until my hands stung today and it doesn't even look like I've made a dent in this basketful. There are so many more on the tree to be picked. I think we'll have to start finding other homes for them. Bags of lemons for everyone.

IMG 1148

I did this lemon cake and also a sorbet in the ice cream maker. I'll do lemon curd too as soon as I get my hands on some more eggs.

I'd love any other lemony suggestions.

IMG 1151

The cake did not cover herself with glory in the unmolding I'm afraid.

Of course, all this baking is only a distraction from the real excitement of today, which is that the Eurovision heats start tonight! I love love love Eurovision. It is one my favourite weekends of the year.

800px Colourful development in Baku

It's being held in Baku, Azerbaijan this year. I know very little about Azerbaijan but truly this is one of the wonderful things about Eurovision. It's educational as well as sparkly.

Bashni 22051224

This is the Baku Crystal Hall, built on the shores of the Caspian Sea specifically for Eurovision 2012. Nice.

If you are in Australia, you should go to the SBS Eurovision page. Do not under any circumstances visit the official Eurovision page at this late stage (I'm not even linking to it) because it will tell you the winners before they are broadcast on TV here and spoil everything.

I'll be staying away from news sites for the rest of the weekend too. Just in case.


I haven't watched any of the song clips in advance but I see those excitable puppies Jedward are singing for Ireland again.

2288 unitedkingdom engelberthumperdinck profile

And the UK is sending Englelbert Humperdinck. Looking forward to that.

2056 sweden loreen profile

This is Loreen from Sweden. Apparently she is the favourite to win this year and Sweden always do well.

8253 fyrmacedonia kaliopi 3 listing

Serious haired young women with intense stares seem to dominate the line up this year. I think Kaliopi from FYR Macedonia should be good though. Interestingly, Kaliopi isn't wearing the eyepatch in her other publicity shots. It's a fashion only eyepatch.

Anyway, must go now. Husband has been googling Azerbaijan cuisine all morning to help us menu plan. I'm thinking we might try this recipe for Plov.


Swedish country house and Kate Spade


I'm besotted with this Swedish house that was featured on Desire to Inspire recently. It won't get out of my brain.


I love all the white gloss with blue and beaten up brown leather. I love the mismatched chairs with sheepskins. I love the gappy wooden boards and the curtains hung right from the ceiling. I even love all the Ikea (it is Swedish after all).

I'm currently stalking one of these cane chairs on Ebay for the living room.



If you're in the market for a Swedish country holiday house it's for sale. Go here for the rest of the pics.

In other news of the morning Gilt is having a Kate Spade sale with shipping to Australia. Yay!

Here's my virtual shopping cart.





Bits and bobs and urban pyjamas

IMG 1130

I was very tempted by this board game at the oppie today.

IMG 1131

I felt sad thinking about girls having to 'imagine they are having a pyjama party', but at least this game is 'safe'.

When I went to pyjama parties as a girl we always watched Dirty Dancing and practiced doing the lift. It took three girls to equal one set of Patrick Swayze arms.

IMG 1129

I imagined I was having a slumber party all day today in my urban pyjamas.

This Witchery cardigan is a little like wearing a dressing gown. I'm a big fan of it.

IMG 1127

These are my formal uggs from Big W. They have a wedge heel which makes them public appropriate.

I think I mentioned before that the locals in my small town like to embrace the public ugg. I'm finding it's a slippery slope though. From wearing them around the house, to the local cafe and now to the op shop. Where will it end?

IMG 1123 2

In other news, we're still picnicking.

Baby fed his first ravenous seagulls by the bay. I grew up in Bondi and chasing seagulls is one of my earliest memories. I don't remember them being so bold though! Have seagulls always been this bossy or have I become less fearless with age? I was worried for Baby's chubby fingers.

IMG 1125

My mum gave Baby this aquatic puzzle and we've all been playing with it. It's tricky, but also delicious to chew on. All toys should be this attractive and tactile.

IMG 1119

Tulips are perfect aren't they? These were $6 at the supermarket a few days after Mother's Day.

IMG 1118

The slow cooker has not left the bench top lately. I know the same results can be achieved with an old school pot in the oven for the most part, but I find it comforting to know that by 9am, whatever else may happen in my day, dinner is sorted.

I'm also finding that slow cooked food is a good consistency for mono-toothed babies and it's nice when we can all eat the same thing.

Good clean neon fun or a crime against vintage?

Il 570xN 310459517

I was trawling Etsy recently looking for neon things when I unearthed a trove of vintage costume jewellery blinged up with bright flouro colours.

Neon is everywhere right now isn't it? At first I was on the fence but I've recently come down firmly on the side of YES PLEASE. Such a fun bandwagon to be on.

Il 570xN 335945321

So what do you think?

Are these the funnest things ever, or should the sellers be slapped soundly on the wrist for taking craft paint to vintage lovelies?

Il 570xN 327263308

Il 570xN 330397934

Il 570xN 335726621

Il 570xN 334391016