Stendig calendar and other living room bits

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Good morning, Happy New Year. I was in bed by 11.30pm last night because I'm super hardcore these days. Baby likes to wake up with the sun at the moment though, so I'm just as tired as if I'd partied late.

To prepare for the first of the first I hung up my 2013 Stendig calendar yesterday.

IMG 3878

It's big. I knew it was big when I ordered it but Wow, it seems even larger in real life. When I first hung it here I wasn't sure about it on this wall, but it's growing on me every time I see it.

I ordered mine from Need Supply. It looks like they are sold out there now but I found it on quite a few websites before Christmas.

IMG 3870

I'm constantly rearranging this room. Yesterday I picked up this pair of green velvet chairs at the oppie. Hitting up the op-shops immediately after the Christmas/New Year break is extremely necessary. So much spring cleaning goodness to be had.

IMG 3872

J hates the chairs but I adore them. I'd love to find another pair in a different colour, mustard yellow perhaps? purple?. I'm putting it out there to the op shop gods to provide.

IMG 3873

IMG 3883

Just some lazy hipster wash tape wall art.

IMG 3879

This is what the other view of the room looks like. I made a bunch of new cushion covers before Christmas with remmants I picked up at the Black and Spiro Christmas flea and some Japanese kimono scraps I brought back from Osaka.

IMG 3882

Also? I finally got around to tarting up this op-shopped rocking horse. Here's what she looked like before.

IMG 3881

As long as you don't look too closely at my varnishing work I think it came out OK. Rather than try to repair the sharp and broken bits of cane I just gave her some ribbon bandages because scars are cool.

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  1. I just love your eclectic style. I'll keep my eyes peeled for those chairs... I'm sure you'll find others. Happy New Year. xx