One last Osaka post

This is the last of the posts I wrote in Japan. Seeing it lurking in my drafts folder is making me pine to be back there and I need to purge-post before I can move on with the shiny new year.

IMG 3407

Yesterday we caught the train to Nara with N, a friend of ours. Here she is helping the Baby feed a deer. I am standing a few feet away behind the camera because the deer in Nara are terrifying and the last time we were here one bit me on the arse. I was pretty sure the Baby would be fine though.

IMG 3420

Everyone was in Nara to see the Autumn colours that day. So. Many. Cameras. I can't deny it was lovely though.

IMG 3430

Here's an outfit with some more Autumn colour. Plus a bonus Baby rushing past on important Baby business.

IMG 3435

While we are on the subject of my infant son. He's developed an rather extreme finger up nose habit this past week. Frankly, it's been interfering with my holiday snaps.

IMG 3443

He's always sucked those two middle fingers but never plugged his nostril like this before. What should I do?

IMG 3397

I made a deal with myself re: shopping that I wouldn't buy anything wintery and ridiculous that I couldn't wear for summer at home. Whoops. Hello grey Zara poncho with sparkly sleeves.

Everyone in Osaka is wearing ugg boots on the street at the moment.

IMG 3473

When the hand of god offers you a piece of sushi I think you ignore it at your peril.

IMG 3465

We did as we were told.

IMG 3469

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