Wooden pallet verandah daybed couch

IMG 4144

Hello, here's the newest finished project here at number 88, a daybed for the back verandah.

I'm really happy with the way this has turned out. It's huge and perfect for a napping on long hot afternoons. Or getting comfy with a pile of books.

IMG 4224

This is what it looks like among the toys and table that take up the rest of the verandah.

IMG 4216

We spend an awful lot of time out here in summer and eat most of our meals at that table.

IMG 3118

This is what the verandah looked like before. I really loved those cane chairs, and the squatters chairs… but there were just TOO MANY chairs out there.

It became especially problematic when the Baby became a Toddler. It felt like he was spending all day moving chairs around so everything always looked super messy and there was never any space to play.

IMG 4215

Now that I've minimised the moveable pieces for furniture things are feeling much calmer.

IMG 3969

The pallets for the daybed where acquired via Gumtree and transported home on the roof rack in one of the more terrifying drives of my life.

IMG 3986

Had I selected prettier rustic pallets I might have been able to get away without painting these, but I didn't, and it had to be done.

IMG 4021

In the end, they do look good and I'm glad, even though it was a PITA job. IMG 4213

I cut the foam for the cushions smaller than the pallets deliberately so we'd have a handy shelf for popping a mug of tea on around the edges. It turns out it makes a handy step for tiny legs to clamber up on too.

There are still a few more things I need to do here before I'm calling this finished (aren't there always?), like another blind to keep the rest of the afternoon sun off the lounge. I'm looking forward to cozying it up with some more blankets and sheepskins when the weather cools down too.


  1. I love it! Sign me up for a big mug of tea out there one of these days... :)

  2. LOVE THIS! We're hoping to get some work done on our verandah this summer...i'll definitely be checking through your old posts for inspiration! I feel like people here don't use them a lot, but I want ours to be a real living space.