Autumn, yay! (Mostly about clothes)

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Hello! What a long time it's been.

It's officially Autumn now. How completely glorious.

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At the moment everything looks like this.

It's all very monsoonal and muddy. When the sun comes out and hits the mud puddles the land steams and the air is like breathing soup, as opposed to the ground being like soup, which it also is.

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Not to be deterred, I've conducted my semi annual wardrobe edit in hopes of milder days ahead.

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This is going to be the winter of the knitted sweater. I'm declaring it now. Many of these were thrifted and some were knitted by my mother in the 80s.

Can you have too many sweaters? This is my edit remember.

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Check out this pink snow storm wonderland Mum made. I love this sweater but it is knitted from Torture Wool and wearing it against any patch of bare skin is like being pricked with a thousand tiny needles in every pore. I can only imagine she wore it with a thick, long sleeved turtleneck back in the day

She had a pink hand-knitted dress with a huge parrot too. It was very Jenny Kee.

Even though she claims to be uninterested in fashion these days I know I inherited my clothes horse tendencies from her. She was super trendy.

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I've added a few new things to my Autumn wardrobe recently too. These silk pants and voluminious tote are both from Country Road, snapped up during their spend and save. I hate matching things from the same store but really love these two together.

Because it never really gets very cold in Brisbane heavy coats and accessories are largely redundant and I find this time of year is when I inevitably find the pieces in shops I end up wearing all winter.

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Still on the pyjama pants theme I picked up these leopard trousers from Temt yesterday for a song.

IMG 4402


So, basically my winter fashion plan is a kind of urban tracksuit, posh jammie pants and knits with the odd heel and accessory thrown in to make it dressy.

Shoe wise, I'd love a pair of these Isabel Marant Dicker Boots.

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But am contenting myself with these Rubi shoes knock offs instead.

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  1. The first picture with baby popping out the bottom did me in. SO CUTE! I was just remarking the other day how it's almost time to tuck our sweaters away (so much closet space will be saved, hooray).

  2. Ooh, love your sweater collection (although I still call 'em jumpers, even up here). Did you see this piece about the genesis of the Cosby sweater? Talk about inspiration. :)