Sandwiches I made and liked - Soft felafel roll

IMG 5221

Outside: soft white supermarket roll
Inside: A few broken up, warm felafel's, hummus, thick slices of tomato, kewpie mayo
Drunk with: Ginger beer

We're fans of sandwiches around here. Always have been and especially now we have Baby. It turns out sandwiches constitute a perfect dinner for the parents of a wee one, being able to be eaten one handed over a sleeping head and also left on the plate for a while with no harm done when Baby needs to be rocked, changed or otherwise adored.

I'm good at making sandwiches too. It's one of my special skills, like Arthur Dent in the Hitchhiker's book where he gets stranded on the planet and no one knows about sandwiches. He becomes a sandwich artist.

I often think of this book when I make a good sandwich and think 'This is a good sandwich. I should right this sandwich down before it is lost to the ages.' So I thought I would. Starting with this one I ate last night.

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