Christmas Day

IMG 0303

The Christmas gift.
Teeny Air Jordan's from his auntie. So hot right now.

IMG 5255

The cocktail.
We christened this the Lava Lamp in honour of its bobbing berries. Take one bottle fizzy wine (we used rose) and mix with Golden Circle Sunshine Punch, ginger ale and lemon squash in whatever volumes you think sensible. Add a teaspoon of mixed berries to the bottom of a glass and pour drink over.

IMG 0301

The dress.
It's from Asos and has fab flouncy shoulder bows that come undone for easy breast feeding access. Festive and practical.

IMG 5268

The lunch table. IMG 5287

The salt crust snapper.
Insanely good.

IMG 0309

The first trip to the beach

IMG 0314

Boxing Day at the farm. Perfection.

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