Everything spring

IMG 2668

The baby is in shorts and the spring is everywhere I look. It feels so warm already I'm scared that summer is going to be perishingly hot and unbearable.

IMG 2671

I had to fight a swarm of bees for these.

IMG 2625

To stave off my terror I've been giving some serious thought to summer wardrobe planning.

IMG 2650 2

This mostly involves stalking eBay for desirably slouchy Bassike pieces.

IMG 2640

I also picked up this pink scarf from Witchery. I've had the Funkis t-bar clogs for years now. Still love them.

IMG 2585

I baked a quiche. My Stephanie Alexander recipe calls for four egg yolks and the pavlova has four egg whites. Serendipity like that cannot be ignored so one always follows the other in our house.

IMG 2609

I used stewed rhubarb on the top of this pav as I had some that needed using and it was pretty magnificent.


In other Spring news I downloaded a new album. This is significant as I am terrible at listening to new music and play the same playlist of songs I have had forever ad nauseam. This Clare Bowditch album is really very good. Jazzy and folky and sweet and perfect for warm breezes and cold drinks despite it's name.

IMG 2678

Speaking of cool drinks. This is where we will be having them. I've reorganised the back deck with a view to childproofing, toy storage and warmer days. We do a lot of living out here in the summer and now I can leave the doors open and let baby potter in and out as he pleases throughout the day.

IMG 2679

I took these photos with the panorama setting on the iPhone 5. Doesn't my verandah look gigantic? I'm panoramming everything at the moment. It's definitely my favourite new feature on the iPhone 5. (My spell check doesn't agree that 'panoramming' is a word but I'm calling it now for 2013.)

IMG 2596

We inherited the squatters chairs and I had them on the front verandah where NO ONE ever sat in them. They are super comfy though and getting lots of love here for lazy breakfasts.

IMG 2665

I've even made the ultimate sacrifice for verandah usability and replaced my vintage (wobbly, paint flaking, bugger to clean and no safety straps) highchair with a ubiquitous Ikea Antilop. We have a proper high chair in the kitchen but it's nice to have a spare out here to pop him in too. I persevered with the old wooden one for a few weeks but was too scared to ever turn my back on him while he sat in it so it had to go. Plus, now he'll think we're eating in a cafe every time he sits outside.

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  1. Deck looks lovely. Being opposite, the chill is just setting in here and I'm dragging out warm clothes and boots. You've made me momentarily pine for my summer clothes already, haha.