Baby's first birthday

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Yesterday we had a party for Baby's first birthday. I know all mothers say this but I can't believe he's one already. It's been the best year.

IMG 6408

Before we get to the party shots I must warn you this was my first chance to dabble in the world of children's parties and it's just possible I got a little carried away.

Also, (and I'm not proud of this), the beginning of Spring signals a festival of children's parties in my family. The Baby's party was first of the bunch, so I had to make sure it was THE AWESOME. You understand, right?

IMG 6381

Warning, many photos follow.


IMG 6562

This is such a gorgeous time of year in Brisbane so we had the whole thing outside on the lawn.

IMG 6410

The tassel garlands are made from op-shopped sheets, except the gold fabric which I had to go to Spotlight for. They took me three evenings straight in front of the TV with a pair of scissors to make. I plan to trot them out for Christmas and every festive occasion I can from now on though.

IMG 6456


IMG 6393

Mexican layer dip is such a crowd pleaser and so easy to knock up. Just make sure you offer a corn chip with sound structural integrity bedside it.

IMG 6391

Potato salad. Obviously.

IMG 6439

Ready for the BBQ.

IMG 6438

Vegemite sandwiches and fairy bread. These went in minutes. Minutes.

IMG 6549

One of the very first things I bought when I found out I was going to be a mum was a set of 0-9 biscuit cutters from Wheel and Barrow. You know those rare life moments when reality matches your daydream perfectly. This.


IMG 6555

IMG 6506

IMG 6481

IMG 6516

Skyping absent grandparents

IMG 6560

This is my sister. She works for MAC.

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She paints a mean tiger face.

IMG 6567

A family friend and her daughter made this Hoot piñata. Baby loves some Giggle and Hoot.

IMG 6571


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This magnificent creation is the work of my mum. This is just her hobby, she doesn't do this for a living at all. Spectacular, no?

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Baby and his mini doppelgänger.

IMG 6590

The delicious carnage.


IMG 6342

IMG 6402

I filled most of these with a handful of jelly beans, but also did a few with Little Bellies gingerbread bickies for the tiniest guests.

IMG 6497

Baby was such a trooper all day and we all had the best time. Can't wait for next year.


  1. Hi. I stumbled across your blog recently & wanted to say that it really looks like a lovely neck of the woods you live in. I love your charming old Queenslander & your op shop bargains. Also nice to see your little one had a lovely celebration.

    Claire Maree.

    1. Thanks, that's lovely of you to say. x

  2. You can be a very frightening force of creativity, missy! Love it. x

  3. Wowza! Now that's a good party. Your little man's cake was so cute! Just like him! xx

  4. I nearly can't handle everything in this post. Where do I begin? THAT CAKE! It's ah-mazing, but then, seriously, you cut inside and it's layered in different colors? PUUUUURRRfection. Your sister works for MAC (lucky! I'm going to recycle 6 MAC containers tomorrow to score a free lipstick!) I am overly curiously about vegemite and feel the need to especially try it now that your sandwiches disappeared in minutes. The layer dip just made me hungry. The pinata is adorable. Baby is beyond. What a party. Loved getting to share a bit of it.

    1. I think vegemite might be something you have to have from childhood to really appreciate. We train our babies to love it young.