Home rearrangements

IMG 6380 3

The threat of impending visitors for Baby's birthday party last weekend was a wonderful motivator to have a good reorganise of some neglected corners of the house. Some of these projects have been on my 'do' list for ages so I'm feeling pretty happy with the way things look right now.

IMG 6395 2

I painted this lamp base flouro pink and hung this red macrame hanger from the op-shop.

IMG 6397 2

I'm a bit in love with this corner now.

IMG 6399 2

I re-cushioned this lounge too.

IMG 6375

New cushions and a slip cover for the chairs in this little ante room outside the kitchen. I did have a lot of neutral in here but I'm loving all the clashing patterns now.

IMG 6353 2

New gingham bed curtains (op shop) and spotty linen cushion covers from Ikea for the bed. The tapestry pillows are both op shop too. I love a tapestry pillow, I'm always on the look out for more.

IMG 6356 2

IMG 6351 2

This is my office. I haven't done anything major in here but just generally shifted things about and reorganised. The whole room was turning into a tip with piles of paper and books everywhere. Tidy office, tidy mind.

IMG 6350 2

I need to do something about desk my chair. That yellow fabric is just tied and stapled onto the chairs to disguise the ragged upholstery underneath and Baby tears it to pieces on a daily basis. Desk chairs are one of those pieces that feel like a big commitment though, so I become racked with indecision and cannot choose anything new.


  1. Oooh, love the pink lamp base, looks great! Bonus points for the Molly Ringwald pc wallpaper too ;)

  2. I badly want that lamp. It is purrfection. Love the Molly Ringwald comp background. Also dig the "for like ever" print but couldn't quite make out the bottom of it- closer pic? I feel like it's funny.

    1. The bottom of the print is just clouds and dots. :) You can see it in more detail here: http://www.super-rural.com/products/pink-red