Pregnancy style - Week 25

Is it terrible that I feel dissatisfied with the size of my bump? Other women at the same stage as me all seem to be huge whereas if I don't put my hand on my belly I think you can't even really tell I'm pregnant. Observe.

I know I'm wearing a loose dress in these photos but still. I was kind of hoping I'd be massive by now and can't stop comparing myself to women in magazines and hospital waiting rooms. For the sake of my vanity I want people to know I'm with child - not just fat. And awfully, I was kind of looking forward to using the bump as a fashion accessory. But it's not been as easy as I thought.

On the weekend I went to party where there were two other pregnant women about the same stage as me. Everyone looked at them and looked at me and said 'wow you must be having a small baby' and I found myself wanting to cry.

Is this why women wear t-shirts that say 'baby on board' or 'knocked up'? I've never appreciated that they might have a reason other than the general bogan love of slogan t-shirts.

Anyway, I'm wearing. (with hand back on belly)
Dress: Cue (years old), cardigan: Asos, clogs:, opaque tights: BigW

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