Pregnancy style (Weeks 26 & 27)

Week 26
Fur coat: thrifted, dress: Sussan (really old), boots: Wittner, belt: thrifted

Week 27
Coat: Asos Maternity, jumper: Witchery, Skirt: Bonds bumps (Big W), boots: Wittner

I'm not wearing nearly as many 'maternity' clothes as I thought I would. It could be down to bump size so far but really I don't think I appreciated how many normal clothes I'd still be able to buy and wear just by being more aware of style and cut. Anything waisted is obviously out but jumpers like the pale grey Witchery one above with a scooped hem and long back are perfect for draping over the bump. It works with lots of things but this particular style is one I've noticed popping up everywhere this winter.

The camel coat is one of only two maternity things I'm wearing in the above photos. I bought it for A$35 in the UK winter sales before I really had a bump to dress at all. To be honest, living somewhere where winter never really gets cold enough to need to fasten the buttons on thick coats means that the extra front room in this maternity coat is a little superfluous. But it is cosy, and was so cheap that I couldn't resist. I must say that Asos in general is one of the best places I've found for fun maternity gear at prices that don't make me gasp. The cheap chain stores here (Target, Kmart, BigW) do a good line in basic prego singlets and leggings but it pretty much stops there (or gets scary ugly).

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