household miscellany

IMG 1941

Mr. Bunny relaxing after one of his frequent spa treatments (in my washing machine). He is loved that bunny. LOVED.

IMG 1832

Do you need someone to reorganise your office supplies? He works for post-its.

IMG 1933

Bircher breakfast in the making.

IMG 1940

Brownies in a lazy tray. I'm sure these disposable foil trays are not very eco but I love them. I got the idea from Nigella.

IMG 1927

Neon orange scarf. Very necessary on these grey days.

IMG 1939

Power balls. I hate this name but i haven't thought of a better one yet. Really they are date and seed and nut balls that you freeze. They are delicious and full of virtue. Baby adores them.

IMG 1991

This is what they look like finished. Recipe is here.

IMG 1943

Whoops! and also Yay!

IMG 1980

Omo rice with excessive pickled ginger and mayo. I have Japan on the brain since we booked flights to Osaka later in the year. So excited to get my fix. Baby's passport is ordered and I've fired up my Pimsleur tapes in the car. Can. Not. Wait.

IMG 1948

Finally, is this is weed, or a bean? We can't decide.


  1. That bunny is too cute. Love the pop of orange scarf. I must remember to stay bright on coming winter days this year!

  2. I'm obsessed with this scarf. I've never been a fan of orange before but it has won me over.