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Things have been manic lately, but last night I achieved that pinnacle of organisational zen, an empty inbox. Behold.

I know people who like to leave email in their inbox forever, like a huge river of consciousness. I simply cannot live that way. I feel itchy just thinking about it. The very second something has been dealt with I have to delete or file it.

IMG 1922

All that white space = everything has been dealt with = bliss.

I celebrated with steak. J has ben reading articles by steak enthusiasts this week and had theories to try. It's all terribly scientific.

He salted his steak in the fridge overnight and then cooked in in a pan (from cold), turning frequently, resting soundly. It was good, but not great. I suspect steak is something too personal for science. It's between a man (or woman) and his kitchen.

IMG 1986

My contribution to the meal was a tray of potatoes and garlic cloves. We go mad for some roast garlic in this house.

IMG 1859

Baby and I went to Ikea. We didn't need anything, but the cafe is very baby friendly and I wanted to see the Indian/Moroccan inspired Simply Blue collection.

IMG 1864

It was quite good. Nice cushions. I thought the big round floor ones were especially good.

IMG 1863

Also these lanterns. If you're after a lantern.

IMG 1989

In the end, I bought this gold, Moroccan-y tray table for $40. Baby adores it. Turns out it is the perfect height for him to push around the house like a walker. He does have a garish plastic toy walker to do this with already but I think I could dispense with that now and just let him rearrange my furniture.

He is trying it by the back door today but yesterday we had it in the hallway. I'm starting to wonder if he's inherited my passion for furniture rearrangement.

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