Hair cuts and sneakers for sports haters

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Yesterday I went to the hairdresser. Rapture. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a haircut so entirely.

I know it doesn't sound like much, but visits to the hairdresser are one of those things I took for granted, never considering what a logistical nightmare they would be with a baby. I put it off for so long it's been at least six months since my hair has had any love but a bit of mousse scrunched through the ends and some nail scissors on the bangs.

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I've named my new 'do the mop-head, now with extra, super crazy curls. I'd forgotten how wonderful a brilliant haircut can make you feel. I've become considerably blah about my appearance lately and now everything seems fresh and interesting again.

The motherhood lesson I learnt today? Small, previously throw away acts of vanity can generate extraordinary bliss when you spend all day wiping food off things.

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The Olympics start next week. Here is Baby in training for the 'reaching for things' event. I think he has enormous potential.

I have zero interest in sport, but I'm quite frond of the Olympics as a thing. In honour of the occasion I might see if Baby has grown enough to fit into his basketball shoes.

IMG 5278

Here is in them at Christmas. He's grown like a bean since then.

As for me, I've been saying no to the high heel sneaker trend that has sprouted up everywhere since Isabel Marant starting putting wedges in high tops.

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Although I love these on Miranda, luxe-sport is not a look I can pull off. So I clicked away. Until I was looking for some ankle boots recently and found these DKNY contraptions on sale at Asos.


I have to tell you, I'm 100% converted.

IMG 2027

Maybe it's their all black stealth profile, but they don't feel sporty at all. More like a chic moon boot in a Michael Jackson film clip.

Also, they are extraordinarily comfortable. For a such a high wedge it's amazing really. I have a feeling I will be wearing the soles off these things before this trend dies… which it will.

So, my advice is do not delay. If you want to rock some everyday, super comfortable heels and pretend you are a MJ back up dancer, but are worried you will look like Michael Jordan. Don't be. Just. Do. It.

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  1. GAH, I am in awe over this sneaks. I've seen them popping up and FOR ME, shunned/ shrugged them off. But I love the one in the MK foto, and the pair you got. In fact, I am coveting. Dare I seek mine own????

  2. Do it! I haven't taken mine off since I got them.