Dayboro Show n' things

IMG 1879

Soaked up the action at the Dayboro Show on the weekend. As you can see, it was all happening.

IMG 1898

It's like a teeny tiny Ekka. Which is perfect to my mind.

IMG 1895

People enter things from their gardens. Look at all that gorgeous wattle.

IMG 1896

We're determined that next year we'll be more organised and enter something. I'm going to start collecting display beer bottles.

IMG 1878 4

The show is also good if you like hot chips.

IMG 1880


IMG 1886 2

Baby petted some animals. Most of them were as big or larger than he, but he was very chilled. I was the only one of us worried about being nipped by geese and nibbled by kids (baby goats, not children).

IMG 1905

After the show, J and I went to Flight of the Conchords at the Boondall Entertainment Centre. God, I hate that venue. The parking and pedestrian access are diabolical.

I've had a warm place in my heart for Flight of the Conchords ever since I saw them at the Edinburgh Festival in 2003. I played the album from that tour all over Britain that year and it makes me feel terribly nostalgic now.

IMG 1904

I was interested to see how different this show would be now they are playing giant stadiums instead of dinky theatres. Turns out, not very different at all. Just more lighting effects. Awesome.

IMG 1850

Here's an outfit.

IMG 1849

This fluffy teddy bear coat is from Temt. It's not very flattering and it sheds, but it is so tactile. It's all I can do to stop hugging myself when I wear it.

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  1. I love the simplicity of flowers in old jars (or beer bottles). So charming. Super cool you saw Flight of the Conchords so far back in a small theatre! Must have been a riot. Lastly, that coat. Oh, how I wish I wore more furryish things. I think they are my favorite, but I don't actually own any, except an old fur in need of repair. If you keep this up, you will totally affect my coming winter wardrobe (I thank you in advance) !