Invitations to my arm party

IMG 0918

Now that Baby is a little older and can support his own head I feel I'm able to send the Swatch to the bench for a while, break out the gold sports watch and invite some more serious hardware to my arm party.

I'm thinking charm bracelets, (but real ones, no Pandora silliness) ID bracelets and big heavy chains. These are all on my Etsy shortlist.

Arm party

1. Gold bangle with coral beads
2. Betty ID bracelet. My middle name is Elizabeth so I thought maybe I could get away with this one.
3. FAB bracelet
4. Neon friendship bracelets
5. 80s Dior charm bracelet
6. 1938 graduation charm bracelet
7. 70s enamel bangle
8. Monogrammed silver cuff
9. Big chunky copper chain link bracelet
10. 50s charm bracelet
11. Heart neon friendship bracelet
12. Jimmie photo ID bracelet

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  1. I love the hot pink Swatch! That said, I my wrists suddenly feel v naked. I need (OK: want) some of these!