Of garage sales and skeggings

IMG 2180

It's so good to have a clear out isn't it?

IMG 2177

We have such a massive shed here but somehow we managed to fill it to the brim with… stuff. It was time for action.

IMG 2176

This is how early we got up to set things up, but apparently people in the country don't turn up hours early to garage sales like they do in the city and we didn't have our first browser until a very civilised 7am.

IMG 2188

Baby in cage. Not for sale.

IMG 2092

In other news, these are my new 'skeggings'. I love a good portmanteau, don't you?. There was a documentary on the tele recently about the 'globesity' epidemic and I try and work that word into sentences whenever I can now. Such a time saver.

Anyway, in case you were wondering, these are leggings, with an attached skirt, hence skeggings. It's an awful word, isn't it?

I came across these at Target and found I could not leave without them. They remind me of a period in the late 90s when there was a trend to wear mini skirts over jeans. Eventually, in it's death throes, the trend morphed into pants with attached skirts in the same fabric. I have a distinct memory of browsing racks of these in Miss Shop circa 1999. They were fairly dire.

The skeggings are similar, but interesting in that I think they come from a different place. Rather than referencing a trend of layering skirts over pants, I think these are to help women who like to wear leggings as pants. By adding an extra, bum covering skirt layer to the leggings a baggy top that is not quite a dress suddenly seems more achievable.

As leggings are pretty much the ultimate 'stay at home mum' staple of my wardrobe right now I won't deny I sometimes face this battle, so I thought I'd give the skeggings a whirl. I've yet to wear them out of the house at this stage but I'll keep you posted.


  1. Do you know I'm currently scouring for a sofa/chaise! And that colored rug. Do you ship? haha. As for skeggings...wow, I had no idea. Maybe they haven't made it to US Target yet, as I was just there this weekend, although sort of hung over & V early so could have easily overlooked these. I definitely used to wear skirts over my jeans in 90s, wowzers. I think the practicality of these are perfect though. I'd like to think of it just as a longer shirt, and like, layer over it.

    1. Strangely, I think US and AU Target are actually separate companies so they never have the same thing. From what I hear you have the superior version over there though.