Op shop finds

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Giddy up.

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I've never seen one of these cane rocking horses before, but I found a few of them trawling Google so they must have been fairly common once. I want to give her a bit of a makeover but I'm not sure exactly what do yet. She's the perfect size for Baby right now.

IMG 2122

I already have a little yellow vintage picnic set, but all the plates are saucer sized and incompatible with hearty picnic lunches. These dinner sized plates fit in nicely. They are made from 'melmac', which Wikipedia informs me is a melamine resin popular from the 40s to the 60s and also the planet ALF came from. Nice.

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One of my inexplicable op-shopping weaknesses are oversized 90s chiffon shirts with inbuilt shoulder pads and obnoxious prints. This one spoke to me with its leopard print and cherry combination. For desirable slouch you need to focus on the plus size racks, this one is a size 22. IMG 2124

I have too many of these Ranleigh trays already, but I do not have a round one. They are so useful all over the house for arranging disparate objects like I mean it.

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  1. You're an awesome op-shopper. I loved every single thing you found. I have an oval ranleigh tray that we use regularly and I passed on my round tray to a friend who uses hers all the time too. xx