Brisbane's best ramen (really)

IMG 2137

Baby and I met J in town for lunch. Taros is the only place in the Brisbane CBD I ever want to eat when I'm asked. It's on Adelaide St, across the intersection from the Christie Centre.

IMG 2136

The tonkotsu makes me weep with pleasure.

IMG 2130

I'm trying to turn and get a back shot of this 80s shirt here. I failed, but the back is complicated and interesting. I dug it out of storage in the shed while we were preparing for our garage sale. It was purloined from my mother's wardrobe many years ago.

IMG 2132

The DKNY kicks are still first in my affections.


In other news, I've reorganised my iPhone with a view towards minimalism. I do so much on my phone and always have multiple of pages of apps to scroll through. Clearing the screen and forcing everything under a few umbrella categories feels fresh and so super organised.


The charming iPhone wallpapers are a free download from Eat Drink Chic.

IMG 2106

Cat or cushion? It's so hard to tell sometimes.

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  1. I forgot about those wedge sneakers...until now. So tempting.