Capsule travel wardrobe (North QLD to Japan)

With parenthood and one thing and another it's been forever since we've been away and Japan is our holiday home away from home. The place we keep going back to. This is me in 2009.

IMG 3855
And 2010.

Can. Not. Wait. To be back there.

Right now though? I'm about 85% excited and 15% stressed about our first time flying with this one.

IMG 3082
There's something about packing a capsule wardrobe for travel however that I find very calming. A combination of clothes with list making, and the anticipation of adventure.

IMG 3087
We're travelling to Osaka (cold), via a few days in Cairns (humid and hot). My wardrobe has to be adaptable to both climates (layers), as well as tight enough to leave room in the suitcase for all the Baby's gear (lots).

For 13 days I've packed 15 pieces. This includes two jackets (because I am easily bored) and a jumper for the cooler weather and one pair of shorts (Bassike Relaxed Cotton Pants - so so good) for the tropics. It basically breaks down as 4 x bottoms, 4 x tops, 4 x layering pieces, 3 x outerwear. I think these numbers are a good rule of thumb no matter how long a trip I'm packing for.

Everything layers over everything else so if it is freezing in Osaka I can wear almost everything in my suitcase at once, or just throw on a ponte mini skirt with a t-shirt and sandals in Cairns. If I am organised I will take some outfit pictures while I am gone.

These are all my bags, shoes and accessories.

IMG 3090
This is everything.

IMG 3092
And then everything packed. These packing cubes are the best invention ever.

My suitcase is still heavy as f**k which is disappointing, but I'm blaming the Baby for this one. I'm expecting him to be pretty high maintenance and have packed accordingly. I could do a whole additional post on things I'm taking for him but I might leave that one until we're home and I can see what worked and what didn't.

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