Grandmas have the best gardens

IMG 3231

Just look.

IMG 3211

And here. Gorgeous. All the grandparents in my life are green thumbed. I like to assume I will suddenly wake up a talented gardener when I reach years of distinction too.

IMG 3224

The Baby loved helping his Great Grandma.

IMG 3259

He's been rocking this hat we bought him in Kuranda. So Oz.

IMG 3265

Here's an outfit snap from a messy Cairns hotel room. This cotton knit from Seed is such a good colour. Cold acid yellow.

IMG 3268

Cairns is full of sweaty backpackers and hippies. It's a scene I would have felt right at home in 10 years ago. Today, less so. It just makes me wish I was in a clean air conditioned room with a tall glass of iced water. 23 year old me would hate me.

IMG 3188

A quiet moment and a little 'Night Garden' before bed, all of us plugged into our different bits of tech. I remember using public phones and my Telstra phone card with the 25 digit pin to call home when I first started travelling. It rarely worked. I don't miss those days at all. Devices for everyone, I say.

Tomorrow we fly to Osaka, nearly 8 hours in the air.

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