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You know when you get sick, and then better, and then sick again, and again?

When you get the feeling your immune system has left the building, letting every gate crasher germ in town into your out of control house party of snot and sneezing? That.

It's lovely not to feel sick any more.

IMG 2938

Summery and bright is the order of the day. I'm obsessed with this knit top from Witchery.

IMG 2936

The back is droopy and interesting too. I love an interesting back.

IMG 2939

These gold sandals from Country Road are also key.

IMG 2946

I like to keep our brights coordinated.

IMG 2930

My baby sister has moved out of home. I took her this housewarming hamper full of Chrissy decorations, Nutella and Weetbix. She's such a Weetbix kid. IMG 2889

With the return of good health, the fire of decorating has come upon me. I snapped these linens at Koskela in Sydney a few weekends ago. I wish knitting needles came in this size so I could commission one of these blankets from my mother in law right away. I love those round Rachel Castle cushions so hard too. I definitely see one in my future.

IMG 2892

Spectacular rugs, but exy. The dearth of attractive, reasonably priced rugs in this country is diabolical isn't it? The o/s sites won't ship them here and unless you want to go to Rugs A Million or Ikea your options are extremely limited.

I think I may have found a solution for the bare boards of my living room however. It will be deliciously 70s resort if it works out. I'll keep you posted.

IMG 2959

I know Halloween is done and dusted but here's a picture of my decorative effort. It looked a treat until it got caught in a torrential storm the day before Halloween.

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  1. That thick blanket is tops. So are those rugs. I hate how expensive rugs are, kind of keeps them out of reach with so many other things in the house needing help. Funny to see you going bright and light clothing as I've just had to dish out my wool peacoat and scarves tonight. Enjoy the sun!