A scarf rainbow, Oroton bags and a fig cake

IMG 0612

Yay, it's Autumn! My enthusiasm for the changing of the seasons is represented by this scarf rainbow I found in DJs. Wouldn't it be nice to have this in your wardrobe to select from every morning?

I went to Chermy (the mall) with my sister so she could kiss Baby and I could eat sushi train.

We both bought one of these silver chain harness arrangements in the Sportsgirl sale. They were $5 and neither of us could quite work out what to do with them in the store so we took them home for further research.

IMG 0616

Turns out it's kind of a belt and kind of a necklace. it's a beltlace. I quite like it. Under a blazer I think it could be totally wearable.

IMG 0618

IMG 0642

I also sorted out Baby's winter wardrobe.

Dressing up Baby is pretty much my favourite hobby. As he is the fruit of my womb however I'm certain he'll assert his own sartorial sense very early on. So I'm enjoying dressing up my little doll while it lasts.

IMG 0647

It's perishingly hot here today. This is my very on-trend sheer sleeveless blouse from Cotton On with a polka dot Gorman skirt. These blouses are in every single shop I've been in for the past few weeks. Trends like this make me hate them a little even as I partake.

IMG 0650

I also gave my new Oroton bag its first outing. Isn't it nice?

IMG 0651

Here is is again.

I had to exchange my other (previously new) Oroton bag when the handles started to split after only a month of duty. The staff at Oroton are lovely and so helpful with things like that and now I have a new tote that I think I like even more than the first one. IMG 5736

Here is the old bag. It was beautiful but I think the new one is more pleasingly slouchy.

IMG 0619

I made this delicious looking fig cake with hazelnuts and honey recently.

IMG 0621

Then I selflessly gave it away to warm the house of friends who had just moved and didn't get to taste a crumb. It's my mission to bake another one this weekend.

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