The perfect boots

Ragbo4021512867 p2 1 0 254x500

Rag & Bone Moto boots. Yes, no, maybe? Every year I spend all winter looking for the perfect boots but never making a decision. I end up buying a pair from Target that I wear for six months and then get rid of because they are not wearing well and the sole is going funny.

I am determined not to do that this year.

The Rag & Bone boots are exy. I can't deny it. I could get a lot of Target footwear for that price. But they are gorgeous, aren't they?

They also come in a very dark brown which I think could be rather wonderful. Black is so safe. But then again, black is so safe.

Fryeb4004912867 p1 1 0 254x500

In a milder way, I'm also a fan of these.

Victo4007112867 p1 1 0 347x683

And these.

I find it very difficult to be definitive.

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  1. I love that first boot. Gorgeous. (Although I must admit I bought a pair of engineer boots from Target 3 years ago and they still look good & are wearing well.)