A typist, a stenographer and a secretary...

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No, the title of this post isn't the start of a lame joke, it's this 1970s government recruitment brochure Husband sent me.

Don't you want to join them in 70s Canberra? Maybe just for an afternoon.

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I'm sure I can type more than 50 words per minute, just not on a typewriter. Would I still get a bonus?

Don't you think Ian looks dreamy?

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Are they wearing matching nightgowns on this page? I hope so. 21612RL1 1702Web Page 05

If you weren't keen on Ian perhaps you prefer this unidentified man with truly excellent moustache and sidies?

In fact all the men in this brochure have amazing do's. Men's hair is so dull these days.

21612RL1 1702Web Page 06

Did she buy those shoes at the Canberra mall? I want some of those.

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21612RL1 1702Web Page 10

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Is that Ian again in the top left shot holding a beverage? It's hard to know, but if so then the drink seems to have made him a lot less shy.

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  1. A friend of mine from the public service sent this to me last year. We were in tears of laughter. The guys all look like porn star rejects. xx