Suzani bedspread

IMG 5855

I've had this gorgeous Meicaxan suzani from Table Tonic for months now. It's been lurking in the cupboard, collecting dust and calling to me to get around to sewing borders on it so it would be large enough to use as a bedspread on our king sized monster.

IMG 5846

IMG 5850

I do think it looks extra gorgeous on the bed. Look at those colours.

Inspiration for the custom bedspread came from the Table Tonic blog. One of my faves.

IMG 5851

IMG 5852


  1. SO beautiful! You are very clever! :)

  2. Gorgeous! Just looking up Suzani after seeing one in this months country life - may I ask what size you bought? Want something to brighten up a rather vintage looking leather sofa!

    1. The suzani was approx 180x180 when I bought it but I added a border edge to make it larger.