Living in a cloud

IMG 1796

We're still living inside a cloud here.

IMG 1789

The weatherman said we've had a month of rain in two days. Everything is dripping and muddy but I can't begrudge it. Things usually start looking a little brown this time of year and I'm reminded how Brisbane looked through all those years of drought. I say, let it rain.

IMG 1784 2

Also, it's so nice to finally have a chance to keep things cosy.

IMG 1779 2

Cataloging my wardrobe has inspired me to dig out lots of favourite, but forgotten friends. This Clare Vivier messenger bag looks gorgeous no matter where you throw it or how many baby toys you stuff it with.

Incidentally, if you are in the market for a Clare Vivier bag (and if you're not you should be, they are spectacular), Pretty Mommy is the best place I have found. They do free international shipping over $250 and have frequent, very decent discount codes.

Camelweekender grande

The camel Weekender bag is on my wish list.

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And these clutches are very nice too.


  1. Have you explored Matt & Nat, from up this way? Delightfully dangerous.

  2. A month of rain?! ...years of drought? I feel so naive (read: stupid) about such differences in weather. I didn't realize you had those extremes. Best of luck getting through the rain. My hair would hate it. The poncho looks purrfect with the all black bottom.

    1. It's only been a few days of rain this time, just a lot of it. But we've had the month of rain too. This is most definitely a country of extremes.