Pretty tumblers

IMG 5747

After much pondering and browsing of late I think I've finally got the coloured tumblers situation sorted.

IMG 5748

Behold the rainbow.

It makes me happy every time I open this door to see these bright little solders lined up. Nothing in here cost much, but they are part of my intention to surround myself with things that are thoughtful and beautiful, rather than merely practical. The things they replaced were serviceable, but extremely blah.

IMG 5751

These pale pink tumblers are from Anthropologie and were $8 a pop. I think they're rather fab.

IMG 5749

The blue ones are from Ikea and good for when you want something a little smaller. Just a nip.

IMG 5750

As are these set of five amber ones from the op-shop.

Tumblers are one of those things that sit around on tables and desks and nightstands all over the house, just doing their thing. I think making them beautiful to hold and look at makes them do a kind of double duty. I'm still not sure if the collection is finished. It's a bit of a rabbit hole.

P.S I completely love the word tumblers to describe glassware. It sounds so incongruous.

P.P.S I'm linking this in here.


  1. I love the pink tumblers, your cupboard looks very pretty.

  2. They are awesome! The vintage ones last the longer. We have had so many broken glasses in the last year because of the earthquakes, but the wee vintage ones are the only ones to survive!! Thanks for joining in :)