Hot milo weather

IMG 1764

Today we are experiencing what can only be described as hot Milo weather.

IMG 1762 3

This is the view from my kitchen. You can barely make them out here, but the neighbours horses are looking very bedraggled and sorry for themselves in the rain.

IMG 1714

We're rugging up.

IMG 1739

And keeping cosy.

IMG 1765

The clothes dryer has been running all day and all my windows look like this.

IMG 1747

IMG 1749

IMG 1750

I made lunch for my mother's parents and her brother and sister on the weekend. It was lovely to see them all together and the baby was much adored.

IMG 1760

We ate this lasagne from Donna Hay magazine. I'm terrible at remembering to photograph food when I have company so I have no proof of the finished product, but it was a fair approximation of this picture. Lasange is always a crowd pleaser and so warming on days like these.

IMG 1752

This is Claudia Roden's orange cake, which I did remember to photograph. I make this cake rather a lot, but try to remember to feed it to different people.

IMG 1743

This Sportsgirl necklace is very badly made and the chain keeps breaking under its own weight. So pretty though.

IMG 1741

And wonderful for making dull outfits pop.

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  1. It looks pretty dreamy out there on your porch with that table set and ORANGE CAKE (sounds so yum).