Baby boot camp and faux fur

IMG 1206

Baby and I have been up since 5am this morning because one of us is FULL OF BEANS.

IMG 1211

I'm on to my second mug of giant tea.

IMG 1204

Look what our Canadian contingent sent me in the mail. Very exciting. I've only had a chance to flick through it so far. The page design is beautiful.

IMG 1200

This week I decided I needed a fur vest in my life. ALL the high street shops are doing them so when Baby and I went on our weekly sushi train mall date (don't judge me) I tried on about 30 slightly different variations.

IMG 1195

I eventually went this this one from Target for $34. Country Road is doing a $200 version and I found a quite nice one in Bardot for $150. It seemed a lot for faux fur though. Cotton On is doing even cheaper ones if you are thinking of rocking the yeti look too.

IMG 1197

IMG 1191

This is Baby having lunch in the food court. I bring a little picnic for him and we sit among the lunchtime crowds. He thinks its the best thing ever.

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  1. Vest is super cute. I really love it, though never tried rocking one as such. Although I am in constant love with my fur collar, and a fur shrug/cape thing that needs repair (I haven't figured out if that's possible?). Sadly, they've all been put away as we hit summer days. Baby is insanely cute, that smeared food court face is priceless ! Oh to show such joy when eating haha