Ultimate wardrobe organisation has been achieved

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Ever since Clueless some part of me has wanted a computerised wardrobe like Cher's. How wonderfully Windows 3.1 does that screenshot look now? Love it.

I'm a geek who goes weak at the knees at the thought of a really solid database, but I can't be the only one out there who's dreamed this dream. Can I?

Anyway, I recently spent an entire day NERDING OUT and loading my wardrobe into the StyleBook app on my iPhone.

IMG 1692

Now I have my own personal Polyvore and all my clothes look pretty and new and desirable, instead of stuffed, rumpled into overflowing drawers.

IMG 1693

It's a little bit glorious.

The idea is that you photograph all your things and then use the in-app editing features to remove the background. This cut out feature isn't perfect (I used Photoshop as well) and neither was my photography set up, but it works for me. I also found pics of many pieces I own against a white background online using Google image searches.

IMG 1691

I've always made little maps and lists of outfits I want to wear and this app is PERFECT for that particular obsession. You can even map what you wear each day on the calendar and it will give you stats on your most/least worn pieces, cost per wear etc.

I'm also finding that making looks using this app means I'm wearing more pieces that don't usually get enough love and are lost at the back of drawers. Seeing everything on one screen stops me from grabbing for the same three pieces every morning.

IMG 1694

This is a travel outfit for a scheme of mine to get to Japan in November. I LOVE planning outfits around travel and once you have mapped out all your looks for a trip in the Stylebook app you can add the pieces you've used to a packing list. How good is that?

I'm currently in the process of convincing J of the Japan scheme. He mustn't know I'm already in the wardrobe planning stages though. I'm trying to play it cool.

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