Mos Burger lunch date

IMG 1733

I was so excited when I found out Mos Burger was opening in Brisbane… more than a year ago.

Despite my love of rice patties and messy chilli in a bun I've just never managed to get together to visit the Sunnybank store. As a hardcore Northsider anything south of the Brisbane River just seems like such a mission.

IMG 1730

Imagine my delight when I discovered there is now a CBD location. Obviously I made lunch plans with J ASAP.

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Stuffing our faces with Japanese fast food was a key strategy in my 'Japan: November 2012' campaign.

IMG 1719

This was us.

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I bought this jacket at a flea market in Osaka in 2010 and my love for it has never faltered. The stripy Kate Spade tote came in the mail this week. Lovely thing.

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  1. A rice patty burger? What does this MEAN? I feel like I need one (now). Love the bag.