Hunting Ibis

IMG 1278

Baby and I met J in town for lunch today. We got burritos from the Mexican place in the shiny new Wintergarden and ate them in Post Office Square.

Baby saw some Ibis.

IMG 1281

Then stalked some Ibis.

I hate Ibis. I find them prehistorically terrifying. Also, once, years ago I was eating an avocado sandwich in PO Square and an Ibis stole it from me. I'll take that grudge to the grave.

IMG 1265

It's been a while since I've had occasion to visit the Brisbane CBD during business hours and I did think everyones winter wardrobes were looking rather drab.

IMG 1269

I said yes to colour.

IMG 1268

IMG 1283

Meanwhile, I can't stop putting Baby in his new Bassike singlet. Sigh, I'll be sad when he doesn't let me dress him anymore.

IMG 1276


In other news, I bought this ridiculous champagne bucket on Ebay this week. It's part of my kitchen childproofing strategy, otherwise know as Operation Move Things Up High. I'm going to put it beside the stove and keep utensils in it. Looking forward to that.

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