Chocolate coconut cream pie

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I made this chocolate coconut cream pie and let me tell you it was su-perb. Rich and smooth and decadent and it only has four ingredients. Four!

You should definitely make one.

This is a very american pie. The stuff of sitcoms.

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Here is where I found the original recipe. And here is what I did in my Australian kitchen.

American choc-coconut cream pie for Australians

2 x boxes of oreos (around 22 biscuits)
butter (approx 25g)
1 x 440ml tin of light coconut milk
1 small bag of chocolate chips


Stick all your Oreos in the food processor and whizz. Add some melted butter and whizz again. I think I used about 25g of butter here. You want to put in enough that the crumbs stick together a little when pressed between your fingers.

Press biscuit mixture into a pie dish and up the edges. Bake pie crust in 180 degree oven for 6 minutes. Cool.

Melt all the chocolate chips. I used a mixture of milk and dark chocolate but either would be good.

Mix melted chocolate and coconut milk. I used a blender for this as per the original recipe but I think a whisk would have been just as sensible. You will end up with a runny chocolate, coconut milkshake. So yummy.

Pour milkshake into cooled pie crust. Chill in fridge overnight.

NB: I used a loose bottomed pie tin and found I had to wrap some glad wrap around the tin and pop it in a baking tray for safe keeping while it set so the filling didn't leak all over my fridge.

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