Kate Spade and Florence Broadhurst


OK seriously, Kate Spade Florence Broadhurst collection? You had me at hello.



I can't tell you how all this excites me. I freaking love this Japanese Florals print and the idea of wrapping myself in it thrills me no end. For years in my last office job the pattern was my desktop wallpaper and there are scrap samples of it in my bathroom.

These are my favourite bits:

NJMU1646 074

Cotton jacket

PSRU0744 017


S1041507F 970

Classic pumps

PWRU2725 661

Wallet. This has japanese floral lining peeking out. Sigh.


Pink and orange specs. No print on these but how cute are they on the girl in the picture above?

S1472587 967


PXRU3398 189

Suitcase. Don't click on this one or the cost will make you sad.

S011115 967


PSRU0733 078

Umbrella. To go with the wellies.

Delightful, no?

Obviously I'd like one of everything packed into that suitcase and delivered to my doorstep. If Kate Spade shipped to Australia… which she does not. At all. Not even through my parcel forwarding service which has blocked her site. Poor form Kate Spade. Poor form.

I have strong Australian dollars to spend!

The truth is, so devoted have I been to my obsession with this collection I think I may have found a loophole that will allow me to get my mits on one or two pieces but it has been HARD WORK people - I won't lie.

Until I have the package in my hands, maybe don't tell anyone I told you though m'kay?

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