Even artichokes have hearts

IMG 0592

I've always loved this line from Amelie. The first time Husband ever visited my studio flat he correctly identified it on the chalkboard… and I knew he was the one. True story.

IMG 0543

Meanwhile, seven years and mortgage and a baby later I've been fixing up this blanket box we inherited.

IMG 0545

This is what was underneath the pink velvet. Pretty but falling into dust.

IMG 0546

This is what it looks like now. I've put it in the hall for shoe removal and convenient handbag dumping.

IMG 0589

Don't these tomatoes look gorgeous in the sun? I took this in one of the brief sunshiny rain breaks we've ben having.

IMG 5781

It was a casual kind of weekend around here, I won't lie. We hardly left the house at all with all this rain.

IMG 5778

My singlet is Gorman and the shrug contraption is from Cotton On. The jeans are Target with Punky Brewster patches added by me. The loafers are from Wittner. I kept seeing these shoes for months, each time a little more discounted until I finally gave in. So glad I did because they are buttery leather heaven.

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While we're on the subject of fashion look at this. More leopard print and fair isle! It's going to be the combo for winter I'm telling you. This picture is from Susie Bubble.

IMG 0606

Heads down. Bums up!

IMG 0549

We're looking for a screen front door. What do you think of this one?

IMG 0550

This is our front door now.

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