Weekend life

IMG 5572 My poor bedraggled summer sandals. They are sodden. Beleaguered by puddles.

IMG 5744

But just look at this sunset. I mean really.

IMG 5728

Baby has taken to rolling himself up like a catapillar. Sometimes I can only tell he's there by the muffled giggles.

IMG 0583 We also like this game.

IMG 0579

IMG 0578

I cooked lunch for some old friends on the weekend. It was delightful.

IMG 5719

I made this gigantic panzanella salad which we hardly dented. I cannot undercater. It is not in me.

IMG 5718

The sausages from our butcher are famous. Really. People come from miles away just to buy them.

IMG 5715

IMG 0488

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a hood? I'm having trouble thinking of one.

IMG 0490

My name on a coke bottle. So thrilling. The lady on Romper Room never once saw me through the magic mirror.

IMG 0502

I just finished reading 'How to be a women'. I give it two thumbs up. I think Husband woud enjoy it too but it's hard to convinve him to begin things like this.

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