Chocolate and naps and wardrobe organisation

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I love the Easter holiday. In my secular, chocolate loving household it's a just lovely, lazy, long weekend, with none of the pressure of the big name festivals and lots of eating, and cooking.

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This is yesterday's breakfast - corned beef hash cakes with poached egg and date chutney. A corned beef really is the king of leftovers isn't it?)

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Everyone in Brisbane seems to be at the beach this weekend inhaling summer's last gasp. We are curling up hermit-like instead. The weather is glorious, warm drippy sunshine, but cool enough that I can wear a cardigan (bliss). Perfect for lying on a blanket on the grass. We've had naps and lots of reading. Husband keeps threatening to put on the 4 hour, 45 minute directors cut of Das Boot, which I know must mean he is relaxed and has time on his hands. Have you watched Das Boot? I've watched the short (only around 3 hour) version. It's extremely dry.

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Yesterday we went to took Baby to the zoo, then ate fish and chips for lunch and today my parents and sister are coming for lunch.

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I'm doing a honeyed lamb stew with almonds and then pavlova. I don't usually keep with passionfruit on pavlova but the fresh berry situation was lacklustre so I am bowing to tradition.

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Baby was up at 5 this morning so I already feel like half the day is over. He's gone back to bed now and I'm the only one up in the house. Isn't that the loveliest type of quiet?

I haven't been a total layabout this weekend and have achieved one useful thing, a proper sort and seasonal restructure of my wardrobe.

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I'm generally good at being ruthless about household clutter but I have hoarding tendencies when it comes to clothes. There are things I just can't let go of, or I think will come back into style, or I will fit into again one day. I keep everything I'm not currently interested in wearing in big plastic storage tubs in the shed and then heave them into the house twice a year for a day of trying on and organising. I'm always so excited to find things in storage that I was convinced I had said goodbye to.

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Are you a fan of the chocolate hot cross bun? I realise it's a polarising issue and many people are purists when it comes to Easter baked goods. Personally, I can go either way but our local bakery does a superlative chocolate bun which I endorse. This year they introduced a mocha version but this was a step too far even for me. I might work up my courage for next year though.

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