Turkish delight ice cream

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I was given an ice cream maker for Christmas last year by my Mum who knows I love a kitchen gadget. As a result we've had a completely gluttonous summer of ice cream thinking up new flavours.

Of all our experiments, I think vanilla with turkish delight has been my favourite. It has to be real turkish delight, the kind that comes in big cubes covered in icing sugar, not the chocolate covered bar kind. The chocolate covered kind is good in ice cream too but you won't get the same amazing sticky mouthfeel you get from real turkish delight.

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There are so many ice cream recipes out there to choose from but this one that has become my staple because it's dead easy and happily takes most additions and flavour you can concoct.

Simple vanilla ice cream

1 cup full cream milk
3/4 cup caster sugar
2 cups thick cream (or thereabouts - I usually buy a 600ml bottle of cream and just throw the whole lot in there)
1 tsp vanilla paste

Whisk sugar and milk until sugar is dissolved. Add cream and vanilla and whisk to combine.

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Chill mixture for an hour or two then churn in ice cream maker.

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While the ice cream is churning you can chop your turkish delight into little nuggets. This is not as easy as it sounds as this stuff is STICKY. I find keeping it in the fridge before and after helps. I use kitchen scissors to do the chopping and find rolling the cubes in icing sugar as you go helps a little bit too.

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Once the ice cream is ready, add nuggets of turkish delight and mix gently. Then freeze.

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After a few hours the rosewater from the turkish delight seems to infuse the whole tub and the blobs of turkish delight go all sort of sticky/chewy. So good.

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