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I'm looking forward to training Baby up as my thrifting wing man as soon as he gets the hang of pointing, but at the moment he has a short attention span and is a cranky pants shopping companion.

I left him at home today and had the best op-shopping day EVER. Both these fugly leather jackets came home with me.

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And this blazer. I used to live in velvet blazers with Doc Martens in the late 90s. In fact I wore them so much I thought we were done for good, so I'm not sure what made me bring this one home. It is a pretty blue colour… and it was only $4… We'll see.

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Retro sheets. Obviously.

IMG 0845

Some blue and white crockery for my stash and a glass milk bottle thing. Should it be a vase or a water jug? I can't decide.

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Finally, this may not look like much but it made me very happy.

The last time we were broken into at our old place (it happened repeatedly) the robbers stole my Peter Alexander grey marle dressing gown. Why? Who steals a dressing gown? It still makes my blood boil to think about it. Insurance money could replace everything else but it's been over two years and I've never found one I like as much. This is pretty close to the original.

I hope karma bit that robber soundly in the arse.

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