A weekend of moving things up high

IMG 0922

Are you a fan of the triangular shouldered silhouette that an 80s bomber jacket gives? I feel like a gridiron player but it does give a certain SHAPE. I don't think anyone will mess with me while I'm wearing it.

IMG 0919

IMG 0909

Spinach is a little magical the way it cooks down the nothing. I think so anyway. I steamed bushels of it to make this palak paneer.

IMG 0912

We made our own cheese too.

IMG 0905

So rustic.

IMG 0911

We spent most of the weekend rearranging the layout of the house against our increasingly mobile and grabby son.

IMG 0967

IMG 0943

IMG 0971

Baby sonata.

IMG 0981

The power board and delicious cables under my desk are now boxed up and safe. Until he learns how to open the box.

IMG 0982

Or works out how to get that bin down. Soon there will be nothing left in this house below knee height.


  1. Just stumbled onto your blog and I am loving it!! First, that jacket is great, especially with triangle shoulders! And spinach is ridic, it never ceases to amaze me how you can put oodles of it in a pot and then it just sizzles down to a soggy little puddle- so delicious thou. And looking at the pictures of your meal (looks so good!) totally just reminded my stomach that it's lunch..

    1. The spinach was delicious, but SO expensive for all those baby leaves. Next time I think I will be budget conscious and use frozen.