Ugg boots and breastfeeding fashion tips

Autumn finally came to Brisbane last night and the ugg boots came out. I know many people are not a fan of the humble ugg but I love them.

IMG 0917

I've always drawn the line at leaving the house while ugged, but last winter I noticed quite a lot of locals in the village getting about with their feet encased in fleecy comfort. This will be our second winter here and I'm thinking when in Rome…

IMG 0915

Here is a picture of my obligatory Australian lady with a blog Anzac biscuits. I actually make these quite often by request but these ones have extra Anzac and are full of poignancy.

IMG 0899

Before the cold descended Baby and I had a play-date with my high school bestie and her little one. It was suburban and idyllic.

IMG 0898

Look. She has chickens!

IMG 0892

I gave the $4 blue velvet blazer an outing and I didn't hate it at all.

IMG 0893

This ASOS jersey maxi dress is one of my breastfeeding staples. When I first had Baby I was under the impression there would be a wide selection of breastfeeding clothes in the same vein as maternity clothes to choose from. I was sorely disappointed so I had to get creative. This dress is so comfortable and the draping is massively comforting, all it took was a few snips to the shoulders and a few hand-sewn press studs to make it breastfeeding ready.

I've made little alterations to a few dress with unforgiving necklines over the months and it's been nice not to have to live entirely in button ups or sized up singlets. Once it's not longer necessary for me to be able to bare my bosom at a moments notice I'll just stitch them back up again.

I've learnt some other breastfeeding fashion tricks over the last eight months too:

  • Don't dismiss an elastic topped strapless dress with a cardigan. This strapless Gorman dress is on sale for $50 at the moment. It may or may or be on its way to me in the mail as we speak (OK it may).

    Ggf1517305f nude

  • Look for sundresses with tie up shoulder straps. The bigger and floppier the better I say.

    IMG 0302

  • Timing is key for hungry babies so you want something stylish on your wrist, but also chewable. Get a Swatch watch.

    IMG 0918

  • Finally, you cannot own too many singlets. Like an old man in a white Chesty Bonds, you will wear them under everything. My recipe for a failsafe outfit these days goes: singlet, plus drapey oversized top (Cotton On does good ones), plus skinny jeans or leggings, plus a blazer if I want to look fancy. Good to go.

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