Like a fine wine

IMG 0969

Baby is a delightful creature most of the time but today he was CHALLENGING. Now that he's in bed I'm catching up on some work (and procrastinating via blog) and we've cracked open a bottle of wine I carted back from the Barossa Valley in 2007.

I went there on a mini break with my best girlfriend, T. This is us.


I'd just bought that fur coat in an Adelaide op shop and wore it the entire trip. At the same time T bought an amazing 70s poly maxi dress with a print like the ABC test pattern and huge pointed sleeves. I was super jealous that she spotted it first. She lives in Canada now and a few years ago I got a random parcel from her in my letterbox. She sent me the dress.

IMG 4693

This is me wearing it barefoot and pregnant. It was a good maternity dress. It's a good glass of wine.

Cheers to you T.


  1. Love you, missy. x
    PS: The leather-patch top stays with me. ;)